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Power Tube, Inc. has developed a disruptive new proprietary technology that uses the heat of the earth to create energy. The device is called the Geomagmatic Argus A-1 Power Tube. It is a clean energy, closed loop, geomagmatic, renewable power plant. The technology is the subject of a twenty-two (22) point complete systems patent based on 4 new technologies and 11 disciplines. The patent was granted in June 2001, and is owned exclusively by the corporation.

The Argus A-1 unit is a disruptive technology. It is the first clean energy technology :

To compete cost effectively with fossil fuels and nuclear power    without government subsidies

That is continuous

The Power Tube differs from standard geothermal power production substantially. Geothermal Power Plants are defined by the Energy Information Administration and NREL as using water or steam heated from the earth to drive a turbine either directly or indirectly. Geothermal is only mostly clean energy because of the ground chemicals released into the air. Few locations worldwide are ideal for this, as generating power from today's mainstream geothermal plants require: a) high temperature heat resource (usually 500 degrees or higher) b) access to large bodies of water, and c) a market which can support a production price of 5 cents per kilowatt-hour or more. Geothermal is also a mature industry, where most of the growth occurred by the late 1980's.


The Argus A-1 unit does not rely on water to drive a turbine. Since it is completely enclosed, it releases no pollutants into the air. Due to the significant differences between Argus and standard geothermal technologies, we have coined the term geomagmatic.

Latest News

Power Tube Pakistan now presents Free Energy Power Solution & Solar Booster to South Asia(SARC Countries). 

Energy solution that the earth has been waiting for: fuel-less, zero-emissions, high-efficiency, affordable, low maintenance, short delivery period and easily accessible Power Plants based on 5 MW MTG(Magnetic Transducer Generator) from NOCA Energy of Canada. Also Solar Booster that enhances output of existing Solar PV Systems by 45%.



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