Environmental Benefits
One 10 MW Power Tube will contribute the following over one year on a world-wide average compared to the equivalent present methods of power production:

Eliminate the equivalent of burning of 1,000,000 gallons of fossil fuels.

Eliminate the equivalent of burning of 1,250 tons of coal for steam production.

Eliminate the production of 400 tons of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Will not contribute to contamination of underground aquifers, acid rain,
   or global warming.

Does not use any atomic fuels.
Latest News

Power Tube Pakistan now presents Free Energy Power Solution & Solar Booster to South Asia(SARC Countries). 

Energy solution that the earth has been waiting for: fuel-less, zero-emissions, high-efficiency, affordable, low maintenance, short delivery period and easily accessible Power Plants based on 5 MW MTG(Magnetic Transducer Generator) from NOCA Energy of Canada. Also Solar Booster that enhances output of existing Solar PV Systems by 45%.



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