World Geothermal Resources
Present world-wide geothermal energy resources are constrained to areas where hot springs, geysers, and volcanic activity produce sufficient heat energy near the Earth's surface for electric power generation. These areas follow plate tectonic boundaries around the world. This area is known as the "Ring of Fire". Vast areas of the Earth lie sufficiently far from these boundaries that they are generally untapped for geothermal electric power production.

Standard geothermal technology is required to capture heated water or steam and reinject or to inject water from an outside source to hot rock. In either case, the recovery of water pumped down, or steam that comes up is far from perfect. This requires large bodies of surface water to augment geysers or to use as the primary water source in hot rock. If water is not available, it must be pumped in. In the case of certain geothermal plants in California, untreated sewage water is pumped in from neighboring cities.

Since the Argus unit does not require surface water, it is appropriate for use in far more areas.

“Ring of Fire”

Latest News

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