The Management
Commodore(Retd) Arshad Ali Choudhry

Retired as Commodore from Pakistan Navy after 33 years of service from 1967 to 2000, with varied experience of senior command, staff and training posts both at sea and ashore including deputation to Qatar for 4 years.

Worked with different government, semi government and business concerns for the last 10 years including Consultancy to Italian firm M/s COSMOS based at Livorno Italy. At present is devoting maximum effort to development of Geomagmatic Energy in Zone-13 with priority and focus on Pakistan.

Energy Sector Experience:
Conceived and proposed 10,000 MW wind farms first time in Pakistan in 2001/2 along Pakistani coast in his capacity as DG Coastal Development Authority. Pursued a Swedish Large Scale Wind Farm proposal with GOP in 2001/2 resulting into realization of importance of developing this sector by concerned government officials and later leading to establishment of AEDB(Alternate Energy Development Board) and issuance of Alternate Energy Policy-2005/6.

Was closely associated with approval of 250 MW wind farm by M/s MILERGO Pakistan which is now at implementation stage.

Mr Muhammad Shakeel Sharif,
Advisor PR

Mr Zia-Ul-Haq,
Coordinator Camp Office Islamabad

Latest News

Power Tube Pakistan now presents Free Energy Power Solution & Solar Booster to South Asia(SARC Countries). 

Energy solution that the earth has been waiting for: fuel-less, zero-emissions, high-efficiency, affordable, low maintenance, short delivery period and easily accessible Power Plants based on 5 MW MTG(Magnetic Transducer Generator) from NOCA Energy of Canada. Also Solar Booster that enhances output of existing Solar PV Systems by 45%.



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