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Introduction to Free Energy Magnetic Transducer Generator: It is a free energy generator where mechanical rotation is achieved through interaction of permanent magnet discs mounted on a rotor against induction coils placed in the rotor around it. No fuel or any other power input is required after start up by 12 V battery like a car.


And Solar Booster

The Solar Power Booster is an electronic device that has been invented and developed by Noca Clean Energy and their partners. In order to improve and increase power efficiency output by 42- 52 % for a PV Solar Power System. The devices can be integrated into an electric power converter system, which usually provides voltage, current conversions, filtering, and regulating various loads, such as; Power grids, batteries, or motors using the magnetic flux and levitation form of technology.

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Power Tube Pakistan now presents Free Energy Power Solution & Solar Booster to South Asia(SARC Countries). 

Energy solution that the earth has been waiting for: fuel-less, zero-emissions, high-efficiency, affordable, low maintenance, short delivery period and easily accessible Power Plants based on 5 MW MTG(Magnetic Transducer Generator) from NOCA Energy of Canada. Also Solar Booster that enhances output of existing Solar PV Systems by 45%.



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